Find Dog Trainers Near You

Dog training is never easy, because, for the most part, dogs can't talk. This is unarguably the most pressing task for new dog owners who find it hard to get their new found friends to do as they wish. Find dog trainers in the U.S. and appreciate the difference between being an animal and being human.

So you've heard it all: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks,” "as stubborn as a dog," "dog manners", and so forth. All the catch phrases that have been penned over the centuries leave one equipped with priceless knowledge on the animalistic nature of dogs, and of course, on their brash similarity with human behavior. But what about the truly peaceful canines that are the source of it all? Dogs aren't referred to as man's best friend for no apparent reason. In all their quiet simplicity, dogs are the domesticated few that have a shared bond with humanity, even in their formerly wild state.

Humble Yourself

It is important that you understand that dogs --in as much as they identify with us more than anything- are creatures completely different from us. Yes, you can choose a pup randomly from a litter based on how cute she is, but this is not a guarantee that she will behave. No!!! Before being domesticated and deprived of their wild state, these guys roamed the wild and had a definite place amongst the society of their intrinsic nature. By virtue of this alone, we must know that teaching such an animal new tricks is not going to be as easy as constant commands: "fetch," "sit," "NO!" and a host of other demands repeated over time. There is a lot more to it than that. It is more about you understanding your new pet than it is about her knowing what you expect, after all, we are superior to animals, right?

We Are Not That Different

Basically, dogs like to eat, run around and, funny enough, they like a little love every now and again, like a pat on the head, or a soothing neck massage. When you really think hard about it, we aren't that long off from dogs, for we desire the same. Shelter when the rain is pouring down like debt, a cozy blanket when the cold is unrelenting like an itch, and a little empathy when a dog fight leads to a couple of scars that make her look so 'unpretty'.

Loyalty Is Sacred

Like they say, loyalty is inbred. Just as we humans identify ourselves most intimately with people who coach us in times of distress, so do dogs. Dog training is never simple. But things get easier the moment you reach out and prove yourself worthy of her friendship, and unexpectedly, she will return the love and obey.